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How to Become a NACE Inspection Inspector

How to Become a NACE Inspection Inspector

If you’re interested in working as a nace alabama, you should consider pursuing formal training. You can earn a certification through the NACE or SSPC National Board for Performance in Inspection and Testing (NBPI). Both certifying organizations require that a prospective NACE Inspector complete a specified number of hours of formal training. This certificate is recognized by many organizations.

A NACE inspector is trained to assess finished projects. These projects can range from industrial coatings to equipment painting and metal finishing. Whether it’s an onshore or offshore project, a NACE inspector will evaluate the finished product and determine its quality and safety. They’ll also make sure underlying materials aren’t corroding and don’t present a risk to workers or the public.

The NACE Inspection program includes two levels of training: Level I and Level II. The Level I course includes theory, a hands-on lab and a project. The CIP Level I course is taught by a certified instructor. The course includes online courses as well as in-person courses. The virtual classes will be synchronous, which means that students will be able to interact with their instructors in real time. Those who register for the hybrid course before April 30 will also receive free access to the Industrial Coating Application eCourse, an interactive learning portal.

After completing a NACE course, you’ll be able to apply for jobs in the industry. Currently, there are 69 jobs available for Nace Coating Inspectors. Apply now!

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